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Retro Slut Icons

Icons and bases

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Looking over my old icon journal...it sucks, only a few posts are actually good...so this icon journal is just for my better batches, etc. What I post here will either be something I'm proud of, like in general or have been awarded. I have a few journals, all of which will post here. Membership is closed as this is only a community for my convenience rather than anything else. You can link me, however and I'll happily link other icon sites.


Search for icons here.
About searching + I have added every entry to my memories, however had a little trouble fitting names in, etc. Hehe, you should see a vague list that says [Actor] before actors, [Film] before films, etc. I say Film because I'm English, mmkay? This should make searching a lot easier.


+ Don't claim as your own!
+ Credit is a must! If you don't I won't go all bitchy on you, but I'd prefer it if you do.
+ Upload to your own server.
+ Comment. I'd like to know who uses what.
+ Positive feedback only. If I've made a typo then tell me, but if it's immature banter then don't bother.

Credit to teh_indy for the majority of brushes used.